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Consumer Product Safety



  • Consumer products that are manufactured to be as fire-safe as possible, whether they are ignition sources or items that can be fuels if a fire does occur.
  • Development of higher flammability standards for consumer products.
  • Consumer products that, in meeting high standards for fire safety, do not cause undue harm to human health or the environment.


Fires that take place in residences are the deadliest fires that occur, according to the United States Fire Administration and the National Fire Data Center.

NASFM's mission is to protect lives, property and the environment from fire. Our primary focus is on preventing fires from occurring in the first place, but if fires do occur, it is crucial to minimize the damage they cause. NASFM encourages manufacturers to make consumer products as fire-safe as they can be. Public education to encourage care with and around ignition sources is another key factor in this equation. NASFM also encourages the development and improvement of technologies that can help prevent, detect, alert people to, and suppress fires. Click on the links below to learn more about NASFM's efforts to prevent various types of fires that occur in the home involving consumer products.

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