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Policy Regarding Corporate Support of The National Association of State Fire Marshals

Every business has a stake in fire safety. Some businesses make and sell products which pose potential hazards. Some make and sell products which protect against fire. All businesses - indeed all people - are at risk from fire. Therefore, NASFM enthusiastically seeks partnerships with business to tackle the many complex challenges posed by fire. The fastest, fairest and most effective road to consumer product and building construction fire safety comes not through government regulation but through determined, well-focused public-private partnerships.

NASFM is an organization of state officials with regulatory authority over a range of fire safety standards. To preserve the independence and objectivity of NASFM and its members:

  • NASFM's partnerships with industry are structured to enhance - and never compromise - the ability of state fire marshals to make informed judgments and to promote higher levels of safety.
  • When businesses provide financial support, the funds are deposited in a general fund controlled entirely by NASFM's Board of Directors, and are used only to accomplish NASFM's mission.
  • When industry provides technical guidance to NASFM, any commercial interests are openly divulged and discussed before any discussions begin. NASFM may support standards but we do not endorse or recommend a specific company's products or services.
  • In keeping with this policy, members and corporate contributors are not to use their affiliation with NASFM in any way that would suggest NASFM's endorsement of their products, services or corporate policies.

With these safeguards in place, NASFM and its members preserve their independence and objectivity. If a contributing industry disagrees with a position taken by NASFM - which has been the case on some occasions - either party is free to end the relationship.

Industry financial support has made it possible for state fire marshals to participate on fire code-making committees, attend educational seminars and workshops, learn new analytical skills, conduct public information programs and install tens of thousands of smoke detectors in disadvantaged homes. Industry technical input regularly improves understanding of the nature of the fire problem and the fire protection options available to address hazards.

NASFM is grateful to its many industry partners for their guidance and support.









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