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Fire Safety Themes


Valuable Resources for Public Education

Fire Safety & Education for College Students

Public Service Announcements

U.S. Fire Administration Public Service Announcements for "Fire Is Everyone's Fight" Campaign:

Monthly Themes

The National Association of State Fire Marshals Public Education Committee encourages your jurisdiction to use the monthly fire safety theme to assist in the prevention of injuries, death and destruction caused by fire. A unified theme will reduce associated losses by increasing public awareness through media attention focusing on a specific problem.

Multimedia Resources

NASFM collaborates with Firehouse.com to bring the public education theme to a new level through the firehouse radio program entitled "Fire Marshals's Corner". The radio program features a State Fire Marshal and monthly unified theme that can be downloaded free of charge - this is a valuable resource to enhance your public education efforts!

Print Resources

Below are the unified monthly themes developed by the NASFM Public Education Committee, each month links you to resources that you can use in your public education programs.

December (2010) Theme - Getting "Fire Smart" for the Season

September (2010) Theme - Fire Safety: A Major Concern for College-Bound Students

August (2010) Theme - CPSC Pool and Spa Kids Safety Education Effort

August (2009) Theme - Is Less-Than-Minimum Fire Protection Acceptable?

June (2009) Theme - June Declared as "Home Safety Month"

April (2009) Theme - Spring Cleaning: Remember To Check Clothes Dryer Vents

November (2008) Theme - Cold Weather & Holiday Safety

October (2008) Theme - Home Fire Safety

September (2008) Theme - Campus Fire Safety

August (2008) Theme - Elderly Adult Fire Safety

July (2008) Theme - Summer Fire Safety

May (2008) Theme - Toy-Like Lighters

April (2008) Theme - Fire Safe Spring Cleaning

March (2008) Theme - Smoking and Drug Use

February (2008) Theme - Preventing Gasoline Burns

January (2008) Theme - Winter Season Fire Safety

December (2007) Theme - Fire Safe Holiday Season

November (2007) Theme - Prepare for Holiday Season Fire Safety

October (2007) Theme - Creating an escape plan

September (2007) Theme - College Fire Safety: On and Off Campus

August (2007) Theme - Older Adults At Risk for Fire Death & Injury

June (2007) Theme
- Summer Fire Safety (BBQ, Camping, Fireworks)

May (2007) Theme
- National Arson Awareness Week

April (2007) Theme - Spring Cleaning for Fire Prevention

March (2007) Theme - Drug and Alcohol Abuse Related to Fire Safety

February (2007) Theme - National Burn Awareness Week & Burn Risks to Children

January (2007) Theme - Child Fire Safety

December (2006) Theme - Holiday Fire Safety

November (2006) Theme - Holiday Fire Prevention

September (2006) Theme - Fire Risks for Older Adults

August (2006) Theme - College Fire Prevention

July (2006) Theme - Fireworks Safety

June (2006) Theme - Summer Fire Safety

May (2006) Theme - Prepare & Prevent Wildfire Arson

April (2006) Theme - Smoke Alarm Battery Check

March (2006) Theme - Alcohol & Drug Abuse Relates to Elevated Fire Deaths

February (2006) Theme - Prevent Child Burn Injuries

January (2006) Theme - Children & Fire Prevention

December (2005) Theme - Christmas Tree & Candle Fire Safety

November (2005) Theme - Holiday Fire Risks

October (2005) Theme - Candle Care & Fire Prevention

September (2005) Theme - Fire Risks for the Elderly

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