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Juvenile Firesetters Program


Juvenile Firesetting: A Community Guide to Prevention & Intervention | Children's Books | Youth Fire Prevention Program

NASFM's Juvenile Firesetter Intervention and Education Program

While NASFM no longer provides Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Training, it offers a children's book addressing the dangers of fire play by pre-teens. In addition, NASFM makes available its research data on the nature of juveniles involved in fire play and the services available to address the issue.

The following resources are available as part of our Juvenile Firesetter Program:

Children's Book - "Children Are No Match for Fire"

Juvenile Firesetting: A Community Guide to Prevention and Intervention

Juvenile Firesetters Research Reports:


Juvenile Firesetting: A Community Guide to Prevention & Intervention

Juvenile Firesetting: A Community Guide to Prevention and Intervention handbook is a guide to both prevention and intervention for everyone concerned about the problem of juvenile firesetting and children's fireplay, how to prevent it, and how to respond appropriately. It is meant for anyone working with children, including fire service and other community agencies and services, teachers and daycare providers, social workers, mental health professionals, and parents.

Keep in mind that the techniques and methods described in this book can be applied to other hazards beyond fire. Important principles for parents, such as appropriate supervision and restricting access to dangerous materials, will help keep children safe from other unintentional injuries. Coalitions are an effective way to address and reduce a variety of issues affecting any community.

Click here to download a copy of Juvenile Firesetting: A Community Guide to Prevention and Intervention handbook.

How to Order Additional Materials?

If you wish to order additional copies of the Juvenile Firesetting: A Community Guide to Prevention and Intervention handbook, please visit Fireproof Children's website at https://www.communityhealthstrategies.com/fireproof-children/juvenile-firesetting-handbook/.



Children's Books

NASFM Commissions Children's Book

'Children Are No Match For Fire' talks about the dangers of matches, lighters, candles, sparklers, and grills. Do your children practice Stop, Drop, and Roll?

Do you have an escape route planned from your home? What about a meeting place?

The National Association of State Fire Marshals (NASFM) has long been concerned with the statistics that show the large number of fires started by juveniles. With grant money from the U.S. Department of Justice, NASFM commissioned a fire safety/prevention book for children ages 3-6.

The book is called CHILDREN ARE NO MATCH FOR FIRE. Many of you may have seen the book at the NASFM Annual Conferences in 2006 and 2007. After more than 2 years of work, the 9x9 hardcover book with dust jacket and 32 colorful pages of illustrations is now available for order.

Order a Copy Today!

Retail price for the book is $10 per copy, plus $2 shipping per book. Special shipping prices on multi-copy orders and on bulk orders apply and will be provided when placing an order. Also, a special rate applies for State Fire Marshals - so be sure to inquire!

Orders can be placed by emailing [email protected]shals.org, or by phone at (307) 433-8078.

Public Education Resource

Those wishing to purchase the books for Kindergarten classes, fire departments, or libraries may want to consider placing their orders early so that the books could be distributed before the end of the school year. The book addresses several safety issues, including children playing with sparklers during the 4th of July holiday. We recommend that the book be used in elementary school classes, fire departments, and libraries since it helps educate children and their parents.

If you have had the BIC - Play Safe, Be Safe program in your state, these books are a good complement to and continuation of that training. The book has been reviewed by professionals, including those involved in juvenile firesetter intervention, and has been tested in several schools. It has been well received and will be a good teaching aid for fire department educators and teachers during Fire Prevention Week.


All profits from NASFM's sale of the book will go to NASFM's Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Programs. Fire departments can also use local sales of the book to support their juvenile firesetter intervention and educational efforts. For example, a fire department might sell the books as a fund raiser in their town to raise money for a smoke trailer that teaches children how to crawl low under smoke, or to buy smoke alarms.

A Synopsis of the Story

John and Jodie are twins who are turning five years old on July 4th. They attend a class at their local fire department, where Patches, the department's Dalmatian, shows them his version of Stop, Drop, and Roll.

The twins are eager to share what they have learned with their parents, and want to practice the things Chief Foley had suggested.

Little did they know how important the training was going to be to their friend Kim. John and Jodie have a birthday they will never forget. John becomes a hero, and receives an award for his quick action.

Read CHILDREN ARE NO MATCH FOR FIRE, and reward your young learners with a certificate bearing their name. Continue the fun with the educational web sites listed in the back of the book.



Youth Fire Prevention Program

NASFM Fire Research & Education Foundation and Fireproof Children/Prevention First Present...Youth Fire Prevention Program

The Youth Fire Prevention Program is developed and presented by Fireproof Children for the National Association of State Fire Marshals (NASFM) Fire Research & Education Foundation, funded by a FEMA Fire Prevention and Safety Grant.

Fireproof Children, a premier fire safety training and education organization, has previously worked with NASFM in the development and delivery of coalition building and skills building training programs throughout the country. The Youth Fire Prevention program builds on what we learned from these programs. Train the trainer workshops will be delivered in the 10 FEMA regions.

This one-day training is designed to:

  • Mobilize community resources and build capacity to prevent and reduce youth firesetting and child fire play;
  • Provide best practices for long-term sustainability of youth fire prevention at the local, regional and state levels;
  • Address the most current issues, such as the dangers of toy-like lighters;
  • Be highly interactive, with small and large group discussion of needs, success stories, and problem solving.

Participants will receive:

  • Advanced knowledge, skills and guidance to organize community resources for more effective youth fire prevention, education, advocacy and intervention campaigns.
  • Training and materials they can bring to their local networks to create a comprehensive, coordinated community response.
  • Juvenile Firesetting: A Community Guide to Prevention and Intervention in CD form, providing a comprehensive overview of children and fire. This handbook includes additional topics beyond the scope of this workshop, such as effective educational interventions, communication skills and step-by-step interviewing guide, and sample classroom lesson plans.



  • These train-the-trainer sessions are for local coalition members and public fire prevention members willing to return to their home areas and conduct training sessions (either at state or local fire academies) for other local intervention coalition members and fire prevention officers.
  • Recruiting in each state should include attendees who represent each of the discrete disciplines that make up and are members of local coalitions (e.g., social workers, juvenile officers, prosecutors, etc.) Our goal is to secure at least three or more diverse coalition members from each participating state for each session.
  • Recruiting should also target a similar number of fire prevention officers from each state in the FEMA region in which a training session is being held.


Each session is one day and will begin at 8:30AM and will end at 3:30 PM. A $20 registration fee is required for each attendee, which includes a morning beverage break, and a box type lunch, a certificate of attendance, and materials including a CD of the handbook Juvenile Firesetting: A Community Guide to Prevention and Intervention.







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