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Resources for Burn Survivors


The Hurting Angels and Power Angels by Delores Lekowski

In 1999 a woman from northern Ohio named Delores Lekowski called NASFM after receiving a letter we sent out to burn survivor organizations. She said, "I like what NASFM is doing to try to make the world a safer place. How can I help?" So we told her about some of our consumer product fire safety initiatives, and suggested things she could do to support our efforts. And support us she did. Delores talked with newspaper and TV reporters. She wrote to members of Congress. She contacted product manufacturers. She carried our cause to the Shriners and other organizations that offered their help. And she kept asking: "What next? How else can I help?"

In the course of working with Delores, we learned her remarkable story. When she was 10 years old, she got too close to burning trash in her backyard when her dress caught fire. She was severely burned over 85 percent of her body and was not expected to live. She had many setbacks over the course of the painful and frightening year she spent in the hospital. She underwent countless surgeries and therapy. But with the love of her family, the grace of God and an abiding optimism and faith, she miraculously survived. Delores has gone on to lead a full and satisfying life, with 3 children and 8 grandchildren.

Given the extent to which Delores has helped our cause with no expectation of return, it seemed natural for us to help her as much as we could. To help Delores reach her goal of helping as many burn survivors as possible with her words of hope, NASFM helped her to publish two booklets she wrote -The Hurting Angels, which is directed toward the young burn survivor, and The Power Angels, which is aimed at adult survivors and their caregivers.

Please download these booklets and help Delores fulfill her mission - to reach those individuals, young and not-so-young, who can most benefit from her comforting words and inspiring example.

Contact Delores at [email protected]

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